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About Jeff & Kimberly

It’s a classic story, City boy falls in love with a Country girl and moves her to the big city in California. 


The Bornsteins know the key to a happy marriage is communication. Of course when your wife is a mind reader, there’s no hiding anything from her anyway. 


Before entertaining celebrities, Jeff retired from the U.S. Army as a military intelligence communications specialist who says, the most intelligent thing he’s ever done was to move to Nashville and marry his lovely wife Kimberly. Most recently featured on the HIT TV Show “Masters of Illusion”, she’s a woman of an amazing gift of intuition and together, they’ll astound you! 

"You just freaked my mind... This is a MUST see show... World Class."​

- Nicolas Cage

"Your magic is AMAZING and Kimberly's mind reading skills... OMG!"​

- Fergie

"We loved having you at the House of Blues... Amazing!"​

- Dan Aykroyd

Entertainers to The Stars

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