Close-up Magic

Jeff & Kimberly are one of the most sought out Sleight-of-Hand Artists and Mind Reading Duos in the country. You will be AMAZED as they perform some of the finest close-up magic during your cocktail hour. What's great about this performance, you get TWO performers for the price of one and there are no special lights, sound or stage needed.

Personal things vanish from your finger tips, money appears in your hand, minds have been read! Your guests will gasp in astonishment and delight when they discover that during the laughter and fun of the magic tricks, Jeff has somehow managed to steal their very own watch right off their wrists! They’ll swear they never felt it happening. The buzz created by these magical teaser performances excites the entire group and builds anticipation for the after dinner show.

Jeff Bornstein Fergie Josh Duhamel

You're magic is AMAZING and Kimberly's

mind reading skills... Scary! 

- Fergie & Josh Duhamel