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  • Jeff Bornstein

Nashville Magicians / Grandparents

I just got word that I'm going to be a Grandfather... AGAIN!

Yep, I have five now and one on the way... WOW where did that time go!

Though all my grandkids live back in California, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about ALL my kids and Grandchildren. Being in NashvilleTennessee is great but my heart is still back in Los Angeles.

That said, this is the time of year when we give thanks. It's the time when we look around our lives and feel grateful for all that we have.

Our families, friends, and all of the love in our lives. We are grateful for the work that we do.

We look to see the silver lining in all of our difficult situations, and feel grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from.

Gratitude is a powerful thing to exercise when we are looking to create more abundance in our lives. Why? Because as we focus on all that we are grateful for, we begin to feel more abundant, and when we begin to feel more abundant we then begin to attract flow of abundance in our lives. What you focus on grows. Like attracts like. That's why you won't increase the abundance in your life by focusing on all that you don't have.

I am grateful to be considered one of the elite Nashville Magicians and Mentalist Duo's, I am grateful to my family, friends and more importantly, I'm grateful to God who has blessed me with a beautiful life.

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