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Specially Prepared for Kelly Otteson

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Jeff & Kimberly Award-Winning Magic and Mentalism

Dear Kelly,


Thank you for considering Kimberly and I to entertain at your Employee Dinner on February 30, 2024.


I put together a customized proposal specifically for you and would love the opportunity to create a truly magical and memorable experience for you and all of your important guests.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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Cell: (310) 498-1976

Magic & Mentalism Stage Show

Breaking down silos has never been so easy, as we create a unique evening that brings people together.


As seen on the HIT TV Show Masters of Illusion, you will be AMAZED as Jeff performs his Award-Winning magic during your social hour. ​Personal things vanish from your finger tips, money appears in your hand, Kimberly reads your mind! 


Your guests will gasp in astonishment and delight when they discover that during the laughter and fun of the magic, Jeff has somehow managed to steal their very own watch right off their wrists! They’ll swear they never felt it happening. The buzz created by these magical teaser performances excites the entire group and builds anticipation for the after dinner show. 


It’s a fun and fascinating show that creates memorable and successful experiences and can be scaled to any size.


Whether you want to impress a few select VIP’s or an audience of thousands, your attendees will truly have the time of their lives!

View Mingling Performance

View Stage Performance



When You Hire Jeff & Kimberly You Get


A captivating, engaging and interactive evening of Magic & Mentalism that ends on a motivational high note and leaves you inspired

  • Professionalism 

  • Versatility 

  • Clean Comedy

  • Fun & Amazement GUARANTEED or you pay nothing

  • $2 million liability insurance for your protection. I'd be hesitant to hire anyone without it

All-Inclusive Fee

Mingling Magic Up to 2 hours of World-Class, close-up magic during the cocktail reception - $2,500 


Mingling Magic - "Same as above" & Mini Stage Show - 20 to 30 minutes - $3,200 

Our show contains no political, religious or gender content... We like to have fun, not make fun

Video Reviews From Recent Corporate Clients

Stage Show Performance Rider

The mini show does not need most of what is listed below. Please contact Jeff for more information

STAGE - A stage or platform that measures at least 18 feet deep, 16 feet wide, and 2 feet high. It should be easy for performers to access the audience directly from the stage. If the stage is taller than 12 inches, we need stairs that lead from the front and center of the stage into the audience, as well as steps on both the left and right sides. In total, we require 3 sets of stairs, without any handrails.

To help us create a backstage area hiding props, tables and chairs, please set up pipe and drape on both sides of the stage.

Please make sure to provide a table(s), typically one 4' is good or two small cocktail tables and two chairs. Place them stage left, behind the covered area made with pipe and drape. Additionally, please include a full-length mirror and a coat hanger.

If we are performing our full evening 60-minute show, and if possible, could you kindly provide us a banner or step & repeat with your company logo? We would like to use it as a backdrop on stage with our final illusion. 

(We understand all venues may not be able to accommodate a larger stage, please call me if this is an issue) 


SOUND - An adequate PA system for the room with a mixing board, one stage floor monitor or wedge speaker, two wireless handheld microphones, one wireless lavalier microphone, two microphone stands, an input for an iPod via mini jack or XLR connector, and a technician to set the sound levels for the room. A stand alone sound system is preferred over a house system built into the ceiling.

LIGHTING - The show takes place on stage and in the audience, must have Adequate Stage Lighting.

ROOM SET UP - In order to have the most up-close and personal experience at the show, it's best to have the tables and / or chairs placed as close to the stage as possible. A distance of 7 feet is preferred, and the tables shouldn't be positioned on the sides of the stage.

A Few Of My Satisfied Clients Include 

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Jeff Bornstein


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