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BOC Show Packages

My V.I.P. Intimate Close-up Show is perfect for groups of 5 - 25.

This performance takes place with Jeff seated behind a custom playing card table. It’s an extraordinary evening filled with wonder and amazement where you will witness a truly intimate and mind-blowing close-up magic show, where the impossible becomes possible right before your eyes. People ask each other if they felt their watch being stolen from their wrist, their minds being read or if they were aware of things being  incomprehensibly removed from their clenched fists. The word of mouth that follows really piques the interest of the entire group and stimulates their anticipation and receptiveness as the word of mouth spreads.

If you prefer a more centralized performance, the 60 minute stage show option would be perfect for your event. I will set up a stage area where we will perform a captivating magic show that will leave your guests in awe. This option allows for a larger audience to enjoy the magic together and creates a focal point for the evening's entertainment. We also offer a 15 - 20 minute mini version of our full evening show.

This option involves two magicians moving around the event during your social hour, engaging with small groups of guests, and performing close-up magic and mentalism. This interactive and intimate experience will create a sense of wonder and excitement among your attendees. It is a great icebreaker and will ensure that everyone feels included and entertained throughout the evening.

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